Definition and Purpose

A stabilized construction access is a temporary control practice defined by a point of entrance/exit to a construction site that is stabilized to reduce the tracking of mud and dirt onto public roads by construction vehicles.

Appropriate Applications

  • Use at construction sites:
    • Where dirt or mud is can be tracked onto public roads.
    • Adjacent to water bodies.
    • Where poor soils are encountered.
    • Where dust is a problem during dry weather conditions.
  • This BMP may be implemented on a project-by-project basis in addition to other BMPs when determined necessary and feasible by the Resident Engineer (RE).


  • Site conditions will dictate design and need.

Standards and Specifications

  • Limit the points of entrance/exit to the construction site.
  • Limit speed of vehicles to control dust.
  • Properly grade each construction entrance/exit to prevent runoff from leaving the construction site.
  • Route runoff from stabilized entrances/exits through a sediment-trapping device before discharge.
  • Design stabilized entrance/exit to support the heaviest vehicles and equipment that will use it.
  • Select construction access stabilization (aggregate, asphaltic concrete, concrete) based on longevity, required performance, and site conditions.
  • The use of asphalt concrete (AC) grindings for stabilized construction access/roadway is not allowed.
  • Use of aggregate or constructed/manufactured steel plates with ribs for entrance/exit access is allowed with written approval from the RE.
  • If aggregate is selected, place crushed aggregate over geotextile fabric to at least 300 mm (12 in) depth, or place aggregate to a depth recommended by the RE.  Crushed aggregate greater than 75 mm75 mm (3  inches) and smaller than 150 mm (6 inches) shall be used.
  • Designate combination or single purpose entrances and exits to the construction site.
  • Implement BMP SC-1 7, “Street Sweeping and Vacuuming” as needed and as required.
  • Require all employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to utilize the stabilized construction access.
  • All exit locations intended to be used for more than a two-week period continuously and for a period of time shall have stabilized construction entrance/exit BMPs (TC-1 “Stabilized Construction Entrance/Exit” or TC-3 “Entrance/Outlet Tire Wash”).

Maintenance and Inspection

  • Inspect routinely for damage and assess effectiveness of the BMP.  Repair if access is clogged with sediment or as directed by the RE;.Remove aggregate, separate and dispose of sediment if construction entrance/exit is clogged with sediment or as directed by the RE.
  • Keep all temporary roadway ditches clear.
  • Inspect for damage and repair as needed.